dnsfly virtual Appliance

dnsfly virtual Appliance

Cloud based DNS server on AWS

  • Deploys in minutes on AWS
  • Easy to manage GUI
  • Detailed Logging
  • Small, Medium and Large instance
dnsfly Physical Appliance

dnsfly Physical Appliance

Out-of-the box DNS functionality

  • Functions as Master and Slave Server
  • Easy to Install and Manage
  • High Availability options
  • Built-in Firewall


dnsfly is purpose-built for ease-of-use and security. DNS is a critical component of public networks, virtualized infrastructure and applications. dnsfly on the AWS cloud leverages RedHat Enterprise Linux as the base OS.  By default recursive queries are permitted only for the internal networks. All unneeded ports and services in the OS have been closed, limiting points of attack.  dnsfly also supports DNSSEC signed zones. ACLs enable access control and can be configured through the GUI.  Role-based access gives different users more control.

Easy to Deploy, Easy to use

dnsfly ‘s graphical user interface makes managing DNS and DHCP fast and easy. dnsfly allows administrators to create zones and add resource records in a few clicks. Routine tasks like backup of zone data, downloading the root.hint file, log file maintenance and device configuration are simple.

Click here for the dnsfly product page at Amazon Market Place.


Keeping DNS working means keeping business critical applications running.  dnsfly appliances can be deployed to achieve High Availability of DNS. dnsfly virtual appliance is available as a Cloud offering through Amazon Market Place. It can be deployed on either AWS-EC2 or VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) environments as Small, Medium or Large instances.

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